Already during the development of our products we pay attention to robust and durable parts and electronic components, which are accordingly rugged and fail-safe. Our quality assurance in production is constantly being expanded and continuously improved in accordance with our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

“Built-In” as Standard: The Factory Calibration

Calibration is an integral part of our manufacturing process. No electronic load leaves our factory without being calibrated carefully and appropriately for the respective purpose – regardless of whether it is a series product or a special solution made to customer order. With each instrument we deliver a Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC), which meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9000ff.

The FCC documents the traceability to national standards for the representation of physical units in accordance with the International System of Units (SI). The recommended calibration interval is 2 years. For this issue we offer our calibration service.

In order to keep the lead time for a calibration as short as possible, we recommend that you make an appointment with our service department early on. Please request an RMA number to return the instrument for calibration.

Free Recalibration Within 2 Years

Each factory calibration certificate delivered with the instrument contains the commitment that the instrument will be recalibrated free of charge once within the warranty period. Our customers can send the device to us for this purpose. The recalibration is carried out directly at our premises.

Calibration “On Demand”

Of course, we also recalibrate at any time if required by the application or by customer request – e.g. in the course of regular inspections.